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Why You Should Have an Unplugged Ceremony

Mar 13, 2018

You have been hearing about this topic for a while now, and honestly you might not care about this topic. But if you do or are at least curious, here is why you should have an Unplugged Ceremony.

But first what is an unplugged ceremony?

An unplugged ceremony is where the engaged couple make the conscious decision to not allow their guests to photograph, film, or upload the wedding ceremony to social media.

Unplugged Ceremony Atlanta Wedding Photography

Why has this become a big deal?

Within the past couple of years, technology has made leaps and bounds in the quality and affordability of cameras. You can get a quality DSLR for less than the price of your iPhone. And your iPhone has a pretty awesome camera installed in it. All of this has lead our society to feel the need to document and capture every single event in their lives. And of course, upload it to Facebook and Instagram.

Unplugged Ceremony Atlanta Wedding Photography

And what are the benefits of having one? Wouldn’t having everyone taking photos be a great thing?

You would think so, but actually the ease of technology has been a detriment to a lot of weddings. Here are how the wedding can be improved by having your guests “unplug”:

Your guests will be present

Without the crutch of having a phone 6 inches away from their face, guests are more likely to actually remember your ceremony, engage in your heartfelt speeches, and enjoy the moment!

Everyone’s privacy will be respected

Some people love to post about every moment that happens in their life, and others do their best to avoid it. By having an unplugged ceremony, you are saving a lot of people from a lot of hassle!

Your wedding photos won’t be compromised

In my opinion, this is the most important one. I can’t tell you who many moments I have seen ruined by what I like to call Aunt Susans and Uncle Bobs (no relation or similarity to my ACTUAL Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob). They are that aunt, uncle, grandmother, friend, etc. who just got a nifty new phone/camera and want to capture every moment of the wedding. However, what they don’t know is that when they decide to step or lean into the aisle to capture the first kiss, they just crashed the shot your photographer worked so hard to get.

Unplugged Ceremony Atlanta Wedding Photography

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