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What I Learned from Attending Creative At Heart Round 8 at WinMock at Kinderton

Apr 3, 2019

Last November, I attended a workshop that has completely changed how my business is being run today, and it is called Creative At Heart. When I say, completely changed my business, I mean it. The educators and other members of the conference provided me with amazing knowledge that I can’t even begin to thank them enough. Here are a couple of the key points that I learned:
Creative At Heart Round 8

(Please excuse some grainy photos! They were taken on my iPhone!)
Creative At Heart Round 8

This was our beautiful conference hall! The WinMock at Kinderton!

Creative At Heart Round 8Creative At Heart Round 8

Outsource what I can’t or don’t like to do (And how the 80/20 rule specifically applies to my business)

Yes, this may seem like a “DUH” type of thing, but it is actually really hard to do. I had to sit and write down all the tasks that COULD be outsourced and then convince my Type A “I can do it all” self that I, in fact, CAN’T. In addition, something that kept me inspired to outsource was to think about how I am helping the entrepreneurs that I outsource to by allowing them to have a thriving business so they can follow their own heart! (AKA I convinced myself that I am helping others to make it feel less weird)

Creative At Heart Round 8Creative At Heart Round 8

How I can create a passive income outlet without being an educator

Something that I feel passionately about is that in order to be “successful” I need to have the bills paid from multiple sources of income. That sounds kind of convoluted, but I do think it’s important to think about all of the possibilities that I can help others out there implement for their own wedding and portrait photography needs. Like maybe I could set up a shop someday and fill it with resources on how you can create your own wedding day timeline that rocks?!?
Creative At Heart Round 8

Taking time away from my business day-to-day tasks in order to work ON my business

This, in all honesty, blew my mind. I knew about how some businesses can sit down and just plan out their whole year or quarter and I never thought I could implement that in my own business. Now, thanks to Shay Cochrane, I know how to set up my business up for success twice a year!

Creative At Heart Round 8

Here is my car crew! Thanks for making the drive with me from Atlanta!

Be Roommates with someone I had never met before

If you haven’t tried rooming with someone you don’t know, I highly recommend it! I reached out on the Facebook group for the conference asking for a roommate and Ashley of Southern Hospitality Weddings & Events responded! She is an amazing wedding planner and person, and I honestly loved talking to her about everything we learned at the conference! She gave me so many ideas and points of view that I never would have thought of before!Creative At Heart Round 8Creative At Heart Round 8

Every time I say “yes” to something, I am saying “no” to my friends, family, or activities that are outside of my business.

I know. I know. This is kind of common knowledge, but it was actually something that I didn’t truly understand until I was sitting in front of 10 other women with tears in my eyes, begging them to tell me how I can stop myself from saying “Yes” to everything that comes across my desk. Last Fall, I had basically set myself up for failure. I was burnt out from working three jobs (taking care of a 6’3” giant with a torn ACL was a JOB ya’ll!) and I knew SOMETHING needed to change. Enter my panel lunch with Shay Cochrane, Hope Taylor, and Lauren Carnes. When I say these are DYNO-MYTE women, I truly and honestly mean it. They all stared me in the face and said: “Start saying NO because you are saying YES to too many wrong things”. It was such an eye-opening experience. I had heard many, many educators talk about the value of saying NO. I just never thought it would happen to me!

“Start saying NO because you are saying YES to too many wrong things”

Creative At Heart Round 8Creative At Heart Round 8Creative At Heart Round 8Meeting other Creatives and Educators that I had always dreamed of meeting!

Honest moment: I made a promise to remember every person’s name that I met at this retreat. And you know what? I remembered 95% of them the entire time! I became known as the girl “who remembered everyone’s name”. My secret: right after speaking with them, I would run to my notebook, write down their name and what we talked about. It worked!

A big highlight of the conference was meeting educators that I had been following for YEARS. Guys, I can’t tell you how much I fangirled over meeting them. I may have even ugly girl cried to a couple of them because I was so excited!

Creative At Heart Round 8I finally met Lauren Carnes!!!
Creative At Heart Round 8Shay Cochrane was one of my panel leaders!
Creative At Heart Round 8Abby Grace gave an amazing speech on how to do email the right way!
Creative At Heart Round 8I have been a fan of Katelyn James since the beginning of my career! I finally met her in person!
Creative At Heart Round 8I got to meet Kat, the founder of Creative at Heart!
Creative At Heart Round 8Alex of Prairie Letter Shop taught me the basics of calligraphy! I also got to meet her sweet new baby girl!

Creative At Heart Round 8

I finally met Ashlyn of Ashlyn Writes in person! This girl has saved my life because of her copywriting course. I HIGHLY recommend checking her out!
Creative At Heart Round 8I got to meet Davey and Krista of Davey & Krista! He even gave me some advice on how to prevent my website from getting hacked again!
Creative At Heart Round 8Hope Taylor was another of my panel lunch leaders and her advice has changed the way I approach my business!
Creative At Heart Round 8Graham was the one who helped me to think of a different way to approach passive income!
Creative At Heart Round 8I got to see my homegirl Christina of The Contract Shop! Yay for ATL Peeps!

I want to give a big shout out to Kat, Emily, and Matt for setting up this conference on a yearly basis. You guys ROCK!!



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