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Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Feb 20, 2018

First of all, congratulations! If you are reading this, I am assuming you just got engaged! This is going to be one of the best times of your life. But you could be feeling a little overwhelmed at this point, and as you should be! There is a lot to plan and we need to make sure it runs smoothly. Keep reading to see my recommended Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

1. Enjoy it!

First of all, don’t rush into this! If you forgot to stop and smell the flowers, you might miss out on some wonderful moments with your fiance! Just take a pause before you start planning and breathe in this moment. It won’t happen again so make sure you remember how it felt to just get engaged!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

2. Set up a time table

The next thing you want to do is lay out everything that is going on in your life for the next 6-18 months. Anybody else having a wedding? What about big trips? This is also the time to start thinking about WHEN you would like to get married. Picking a season is typically what determines how long an engagement will be!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

3. Set the Budget

Sit down with your family and ask how much everyone will be contributing. Don’t start out assuming how much they will be gifting you. Weddings require a lot of money so it is best to know how much you can spend before you ever start booking anything!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

4. Dream up your style and location TOGETHER

This is where Pinterest boards will become your new best friend! These are great for throwing all of the ideas you have for your big day into one folder. And don’t forget you can take a look at my Pinterest boards for some great inspiration!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

If you are a little overwhelmed with all of the ideas out there in the universe. Try this first then. Close your eyes. When you see your wedding dress, what does it look like? When you see your flowers, what colors are they? Try envisioning specific points from your big day and I’m sure it will come together smoothly!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

My biggest recommendation though? Involve your fiance! I mean it’s their day too right? You want to make sure they are just as happy with how everything turns out!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

5. Consider hiring a coordinator/planner

If you are a busy couple planning out every detail of your wedding day, then you might want to consider hiring some help. They help you prepare your entire event, from the engagement party to the honeymoon. There are also two other ideas: a part-time consultant or a day-of coordinator. A part-time consultant can help you design a wedding plan or blueprint, which would include a budget, schedule, vendor recommendations. They would do this all before you try to plan the day yourself. The other option is a day-of coordinator. They make sure everything from the schedule to the cake delivery to the first dance, runs smoothly.

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

6. Book a Venue (and set a date)

Your reception venue is the backdrop of your big day, and, in most cases, for all of your wedding photography from the big day. Depending on the style of the venue, it can influence everything from your budget or guest list to the smaller things like your menu or decorations. When viewing your venues, ensure that the design of it looks and feels like the idea you thought up together in step 4. Bonus points if you try to use local vendors around that venue! Once the contract is signed, you officially have a wedding date!

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

7. Hire your wedding photographer

Many people don’t know this but wedding photographers are typically booked a year in advance. A lot goes into planning the photography for your wedding day and we want to make sure it is perfect for you and your fiance. We like to try to get your engagement session completed at least six to eight months before your wedding day, and we like to have meetings with each of our couples leading up to the wedding day to help plan out the timeline.

Top 7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Want more tips and tricks for planning your big day? Check out all the posts I have created for the Soon-to-Be-Married!

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