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Spring & Summer 2019 Powersheets

Jul 15, 2019

Yes, I know. I am VERY behind on posting my Powersheets posts, but in all honesty, a LOT has been going on. I had my hardest wedding season to date (not because of the what I had to do, but because it was the longest one so far!) and then, the best thing happened, I got ENGAGED. I will definitely post that story later, but having to get the basics of my wedding planning done during a busy wedding season was hard!

Onto today’s topic, my goals for the Spring and Summer. I tried to get a lot done this past Spring, but then I finally figured out it was more important to focus on my clients than try to push my business to the next level. Because in business, your client should always come first!

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First, what did March bring me?

  • The Kickoff of my wedding season
  • Tax Return and paying off a LOT of debt
  • An engagement session at Suntrust park!
  • Watching Captain Marvel with the boyfriend!

Review of March Goals

Reach Booking Quota
KJ March Training
SOP Prep
Prep for Spring Weddings
Create my own posing guide for reference material

Write three blog posts!
Spend time with friends
Catch up on non-client editing (like those Europe photos from 3 years ago)
Create “special treats” for my clients this Spring!

Drink Water
Pin 5 things a day
Workout 3x a week

I’m going to be honest, a lot of this happened and a lot didn’t. Like the non-client editing? Yeah, that didn’t happen. But I did get a lot of quality time with friends and the fiance!

April Goals

Encouraging words of the month:

“Don’t just survive, THRIVE”.

Shoot & Get Images to Editor for three Weddings
April KJ Business Journey
Become Legit 😉
Refine my own posing guide for reference material
Complete Mastermind HW

Blog Once a Week
Plan 3 Non-Boyfriend Activities
Send “In The Process” Surveys to my current couples

Take Lunch away from Desk
Workout 1x per week (weddings count)
Drink Water!

April brought my first Charleston wedding and my total submersion into Wedding Photography land. I got to serve wonderful clients and even shoot one of my friend’s weddings!

May Goals

“Strength is what we gain from the MADNESS we SURVIVE”

Become an LLC, apply for EIN, and get a business savings account!
Plan a business retreat!
KJ Business Journey May
Clean your home!
Setup new mailing program for film

Blog once a week
Plan two networking outings

Drink Water
Do a light activity once a week

The biggest thing that happened was that I got ENGAGED. Still reeling about that, but it isn’t until July that I finally get to enjoy it!

June Goals

“Don’t just survive, THRIVE”

Thrive through June Sessions
KJ Business Journey – June
Plan a creative session
Plan a business retreat!
Create new post-wedding work timeline
Complete KJ Business Journey May HW
Complete Food Photography Classes

Write two personal posts
Read 2 Books
Attend two networking events

Drink water!!
Pin to Pinterest every day!

June was all about networking and serving my clients further. I got to travel to South Georgia, Roswell, Alabama, and North Carolina for my couples. I beyond thrilled with who I was able to serve during this month!

July Goals

“A Master Artist is a beginner who kept Beginning”


Meet Booking Goals
Delivery All June Work
Finish the Contract Shop Class
Plan Networking Outings
July KJ Business Journey
Save Planned Amount
Start planning a new creative session
Have a special date with the fiance!
Start Pinterest Marketing

Reach out to planners for networking
Blog Three Personal Posts
Research Wedding Vendors
Plan Happy Hours/Brunch sessions!

Drink one glass of water every day

My main focus for July has been to recharge and finish up my client’s work. Stay tuned to hear about the results of this month’s goals!

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