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My 2019 Goals

Jan 7, 2019

*Note: This is post contains affiliate links, which means I may be able to buy myself a cup of coffee if you purchase something.


For 2019, I’m going to start something new. Last year, I fell in love with Powersheets. It is a wonderful workbook that helps you create intentional goals, keeps you accountable for those goals, and helps you have the best year ever! So to start this year off right, I’m going to break down all of my goals that I have created using my Powersheets.

I’m doing this because, well, it will keep me accountable about these goals. Cause you know once you put something out on the internet, it is always out on the internet? This year I want to be intentional with my time and make sure I am doing the right steps to make my dreams a reality.

Let’s dive into my 2019 goals!

*A quick caveat: I will be getting personal in these posts, but some things I will leave out to keep them private. These will probably get covered with washi tape or blurred out in the images.

Goal #1: Financial Stability!

I want to be debt free before I need to take the next step in my #adulthood. So this year I plan to set a goal of a certain amount of money that I need to pay off each month to hit my annual number! This is how I’m going to be “Gazelle Intense” like my financial guru Dave Ramsey says to do in his book, The Total Money Makeover*!

Goal #2: Finding ME Time

Last year, I kind of got lost between two jobs, an injured boyfriend, multiple shoots each week, and carving out a spare moment to spend with real people (Sorry Tilly and Frank). I somehow forgot that I need to spend some time on self-care and doing things that I love to do outside of photography. For example, did you know I like to paint and draw? Or I play video games? Or the thing that I LOVE to do most in the world is read books? I need to intentionally carve out time for these things again so I don’t lose myself in the work!

Goal #3: Create a life-giving home through routine tasks and simplification

My house is uhhhh… “organized chaos” as my mother has coined it. To everyone else, it just looks messy. I would really love to have a simplified home. You know the ones where you walk in and it is effortlessly CLEAN and TIDY? Yeah, that’s what I want. I’m going to make an effort this year to do more organizing and cleaning tasks to get rid of my STUFF or use it in a way that makes it easier to tidy!

Goal #4: Cultivate Relationships

Another thing that got tossed to the wayside last year was my relationships. To all my friends or friendors out there, I’m sorry I failed you! I had so much going on that I kind of forgot that normal people got out of the house and had fun with other human beings. Thankfully, the boyfriend and a couple of close friends could make me step away from the computer to go out to eat. But I want to do more! I want to go out to events and movies and be a normal human being again!

Goal #5: Build an effective and adaptable health routine

Notice that I didn’t say “Lose 10 lbs.?”. I hate focusing on shedding pounds. It’s something that I learned as a teenager and have just developed an aversion to “losing weight”. So instead, I want a Health Routine. It allows me to focus on being healthy and creating an adaptable method of eating right and working out in case life throws me for a loop, like this past Fall.

Goal #6: Construct a sustainable business that can be molded into whatever it needs to be for years to come

This is big for me. I want a sustainable business. I don’t want to be the business that fails at my five-year mark, which is going to happen at the end of this year (Gah! I can’t believe my baby is so old!). But this year is critical. I have to make sure I am innovative and “weed out the bad pumpkins” like Mike Michalowicz says to do in his book, The Pumpkin Plan*.

Goal #7: Complete purchased and flagged educations

So this isn’t my proudest moment. But I’ve been hoarding educations, like Christina Scalera’s GDPR Compliance* and Clients on Tap*. I really hate that I’ve become this person. It’s what I promised myself I would never be, but somehow I ended up here!

Goal #8: Hit Booking and Sales Goals!

I can’t give you a lot of details about this one, other than I have set them and I need to meet/beat them!

And that’s pretty much it!

Want to follow along to see how I got to these goals? Read about my Review of 2018 and how I got my 2019 Word of the Year. Using both of these, I was able to come up with all of these goals!  



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Photographing Southeastern and Atlanta Weddings & Portraits, with a classic and romantic style.


Photographing Southeastern and Atlanta Weddings & Portraits, with a classic and romantic style.