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February 2019 Powersheets

Feb 21, 2019

January is always an interesting month for me. Aside from the four (now five!) family birthdays that occur each year, it is always a time for renewal and figuring out your goals for the year. While I did do the latter and get my Powersheets ready for 2019, January is mainly about one thing:


This is where I buy myself (or sometimes my mom buys me one), and I EAT IT ALL. Over the past couple of years, I will have to be honest. Eating a 10 inch cake by yourself is hard. So I’ve had to start shrinking the cake sizes. Now the tiny Publix birthday is just perfect for me!

Aside from gorging myself on birthday cake, I mainly just relaxed and started planning the next two months of work that I need to get done. And thank you Powersheets for helping me prioritize my work!

February 2019 Powersheets

*A quick reminder: I will be getting personal in these posts, but some things I will leave out to keep them private. These will probably get covered with washi tape or blurred out in the images.

But first let’s review January and my progress on these goals:


1) Pay Off Designated Amount: Um no. Bills and Birthdays hit harder than expected. BUT I have learned my lesson and now I have a set system to combat this issue for next year!
2) Create Wind-Up/Wind-Down: Can I say I partially did this? I figured out what I would like to do, but I still haven’t figured out how to implement it yet.
3) Complete the January lesson for Katelyn James Business Journey: Yes!! I was able to complete the training and the homework! I’ve even started implementing her teachings from this month!
4) Turn Key Business Binder: Oh goodness. I shouldn’t have put this on my to-do list. I just had too much going on and never got around to it!
5) Tax Prep: Yes! I was able to get my sales taxes done on time and deliver everything to my accountant. I now have a jumpstart on my annual taxes!
6) Have a date night with Boyfriend: I’m trying to wrack my brain, but I don’t think we ever had an “official” date night. I did make sure to not always be working when I get home from my day job. So we had more “stay-in” date nights. And we definitely had a couple of those.


1) Cook four Meals at home per week: Yes! We have started meal prepping which means that we have a night of cooking a massive amount of food for our lunches. Plus we are still using HelloFresh for our easy 30 minute meals!
2) Write 3-5 personal posts: I believe I was able to get three done for the month, and they were mainly about goal setting!
3) Be active for 30 minutes each week: Ha. Ha. Don’t make me laugh. Unless you count my thumb crunches on my Amazon remote, I did not work out.


1) Drink Water each day!: I actually did pretty well at this. Eventually, I hope to turn this into a habit so I don’t have to write it in my Powersheets anymore!
2) 15 minute tidy of the apartment: I really wish I could say I did this. I really do. It actually turned more into one hour sprints around the apartment trying to “tidy up” before a friend or family member came over. (My version of “tidy up” is hide as much as possible in the bedrooms and shut the door if possible.)

So for February…

I know I’m writing this way late into the game (its almost the 21st of February as I write this). So, I, kind of, already know how this month is probably going to turn out. However, the goal of Powersheets is “Progress, Not Perfection”, which actually really correlates well with my encouraging words for the month:

And here are my goals! Check back in March to see how they came out!

February Goals:


  • Pay off Designated Amount of Debt
  • Katelyn James February Business Journey Videos and Homework
  • Create my own posing guide for referencing
  • Send out Customer Experience Surveys
  • Finish my Administrative Duties SOP (Cause I’m hiring someone!)
  • Wedding Email Template Updates
  • Spring Mini Sessions Prep
  • Complete Book Yourself Solid Training


  • Write one blog post a week
  • Cook 5 meals a week
  • Become a real business by getting all of the legal stuff done!
  • 2 Happy Hours with Friends
  • Plan 4 Working Sessions
  • Have ME time!


  • Drink Water
  • 15 min tidy around the house
  • 3 x per week have a 30 min workout

“Progress, Not Perfection”

Lara Casey Cultivate What Matters

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