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Erin & Bobby | Sweetwater Creek Trail Engagement | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Jan 24, 2018

Erin and Bobby’s Sweetwater Creek Trail Engagement was a fun, outdoorsy stroll through the woods on a wonderful Fall day!

Bobby and Erin are such an unbelievably sweet couple, and just so unbelievably giving. They are both P.E. teachers, which speaks near and dear to my heart (daughter of a Kindergarten teacher here). She teaches at an elementary school in Athens while he teaches at a school in Duluth. They also have an unbelievable cute dog names Stella. Think I say this about every dog? Probably. Any dog that wags its tail is cute to me!!! But I still love Stella and that sweet smile! And to top it off, they both love breweries! Be still my beer loving heart!

How He Asked

Bobby and Erin initially met at UGA (I’m trying to not hold it against them. Diehard Tech fan here). She was beginning her master’s degree and he was finishing up his bachelor’s degree. While there, some of their classes overlapped and they started hanging out. They started out as just friends, but then Bobby started doing sweet things to try and win her over. For example, he would leave her favorite candy on top of her car or sweet notes in hidden places. Isn’t that the SWEETEST?!?!?!  Of course, who wouldn’t say no to that!?!?

Bobby proposed to her at the Ramsey Center at UGA. It’s the building where they first met and had all of their classes together. He tricked her into thinking she was going to his brother’s girlfriend’s work event. He said the event was in the Art building, but he ended up parking at the Ramsey building. She knew something was up after that. When they got out of the car, they walked up to the building and she said he was so nervous! He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Then, her sister pops out and had been photographing them the entire time! They headed back to their apartment where all of their friends and family were waiting to surprise her! Erin had always told Bobby that she wanted everyone to be there after they got engaged and he made it happen!

Their Engagement Session

Their engagement session went perfectly, in my opinion. They both started in their “fancy” outfits including a dress that made me want to go shopping right then and there. They brought their precious dog, Stella, and we made sure to capture a ton of moments with her. Erin’s sweet mom accompanied us on the trail as the world’s best dog attention-getter and dog watcher. I’m so thrilled at how these photos came out!

Erin and Bobby, I’m so excited to capture your wedding this coming July. I can’t wait see you again soon! And maybe Stella might come too?!?!

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Photographing Southeastern and Atlanta Weddings & Portraits, with a classic and romantic style.


Photographing Southeastern and Atlanta Weddings & Portraits, with a classic and romantic style.