I serve couples and families who wish to create connections and remember meaningful moments through fine art, dreamy portraiture. Through my well-organized process and planning, your images will be meaningful for generations.

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About Heather

World Traveler, Puppy Snuggler, Light Chaser, and Winery Enthusiast

I'm 70 lbs of pure snuggles and destruction, and the newest member of the team. The CEO says my smells give a new meaning to the phrase  "silent but deadly"


Director of Toots

I'm 17 lbs of fluff and I rule the house with an iron paw.


Chief Fluffy Officer

I have the longest tenure here at 16 years and 7 lbs. I don't like much except snuggles, my daily wet food, and avoiding my two associates.


Vice President of Snuggles

Meet The Team:

I approach posing by using a mixture of different sets of poses and emotional prompts to let you display your true selves in your photos. Bonus: by combining these two, we can prevent stiff, awkward poses that make you cringe when you look back at the photos. My posing sets include gentle and clear instructions to walk you into position and prompts that will allow you to loosen up in front of the camera and feel super relaxed!

How Do I know Your Gonna Love My Posing Process?

Organization makes my heart sing, and, honestly, this is the main reason why all of my wedding clients can put their complete faith in me on their wedding day.  They feel so prepared for the photography on their wedding day that all they have to do is sit back and relax on the day of.

Wait! Organization? Why does that Matter?

From my six years of experience in wedding photography, I have crafted a unique editing style that gives you romantic and timeless photos, a posing method that lets you forget about the camera, and organizational process that provides you with the confidence to know that everything you need will be covered. 

Why Me?

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Gardening & Flowers


Ever since I became a homeowner, my free time has been tending to my indoor plant collection, gardening my fruits and veggies, and planting flowers in every spare spot in my yard.

They have my Heart


I met the love of my life and we got married during the chaos of 2020 (have you ever had to plan three weddings?!? I have!). Our free time is spent raising our pup and two cats, fixing up our lemon-of-a-house, and Netflix binges!

wanderlust will never go out of style

I firmly believe in traveling every where and often! I love doing sessions when I travel because I always feel like I get to experience the place more through my families or couples! (And they know where to get the best food tbh)


All wine is Great Except for The Unopened Bottles


If we ever meet, virtually or physically, I will typically have a wine glass in my hand with something inexpensive & fabulous in it!


A Few of My Favorite Things:

Let Me Tell Your Story

Thank you for considering me as a part of your legacy. 


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Portrait and Wedding Photography Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Serving and Creating worldwide.


Portrait and Wedding Photography Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Serving and Creating worldwide.