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Hi there, I'm Heather!
I serve couples and families who wish to create connections and remember meaningful moments through fine art, dreamy portraiture. 


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A Sunny, Summer Piedmont Park Engagement Session

Megan and Noah’s love story is proof that sometimes love grows over time and isn’t an immediate thing. They had been friends for years before dating, and sometimes it just takes seeing your favorite band together to kick start your relationship. I was thrilled to be able to capture their sweet Piedmont Park Engagement session to help tell their story.

The Proposal

Also, can we take a moment and just say “AWWWW” to this proposal story?!?!?

“Noah is the sneakiest person I know and I am the most gullible, so it made for a good proposal. The weekend he did it, Alicia, my best friend from childhood was visiting Atlanta supposedly for work (plausible: she had been shooting a documentary with a few scenes filmed here over the past year). His sister Leah also invited Noah, Alicia, and I to a work event (she said it was a charity fundraiser at the botanical gardens, where coincidentally Noah and I had our first official date). The kicker was that Noah was in Charlotte for work the previous week and he texted me on Friday that he was going to have to stay through the weekend and miss his sister’s work event. Little did I know that was a lie, and Noah was home in Atlanta actually half a mile from our apartment assembling all my friends and our families at an Airbnb. So on Saturday morning, Alicia, Leah, and I got ready and went to the Gardens for her event. But when we got there, Leah pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. Inside was an index card from Noah (index cards are a running inside joke—he uses them for everything, even including asking me to be his girlfriend) and it led me on a path through the gardens where I met all my best friends and immediate family members along the way—each one handing me a new index card that Noah had written to keep leading me on the way. My parents handed me the last card, and it instructed me to go to the bench where Noah and I sat and talked for hours on our first date. Noah was there waiting for me, and that’s when he proposed. It was the most magical day of our lives. “

I’m so happy for both of you and thank you for letting me capture your engagement session at Piedmont Park!

<3 Heather

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Portrait and Wedding Photography Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Serving and Creating worldwide.


Portrait and Wedding Photography Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Serving and Creating worldwide.