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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 20, 2018

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may get to buy a cup of coffee if you purchase something. 

I just love the Holiday Season! Don’t you? Its a time for family, lots of homemade desserts, and of course, gift giving! I couldn’t just decide on one gift guide so I created a couple! Feel free to scroll down and see more ideas for those important people in your life!

For the Photographer

SanDisk Flash Memory Card
As a photographer, you can never have enough of these. The more shoots I do, the more it seems I need them!

Tutorial Guides
I love these guides because they help you do so much in Lightroom and Photoshop. I feel like I learn something new every day!

External Hard Drive
This is another item that I just feel I can never have enough of. Weddings and Portraits take a lot of memory and having an external hard drive really helps!

Lens Pen
I love using these for on the go cleaning. They get so much more dirt and dust than my t-shirt!

Lightroom Keyboard Skin
I love my Mac because I can use this keyboard skin. It helps remind me of all the keyboard strokes in Lightroom!

85mm Lens
I recently discovered the magic that is an 85mm lens. If you haven’t gotten one yet, go get it now!

External Hard Drive Case
Its so easy for a hard drive to get messed up while jumping around in the bottom of your bag. Protect your gear and buy a case for it!

Battery Caddy
Did you know that batteries need to be separated when traveling? Keep them safe and airport friendly by buying this simple caddy!

For the Business Owner

I constantly find myself sitting on the couch doing work instead of sitting at my desk. When I do this, I always have a lap desk so I can stay comfy while working!

Jackery Mini Charger
Since I’m typically on the go, I can’t always be near a plug. Having this mini charger makes my life so much easier!


Extended Phone Charger
The charger that comes with my phone just isn’t long enough. I have to get the 6 ft version!


Having a contract as a business owner is a must! If you don’t think you are ready for the full contract bundle, at least get a model release!


For the Traveler

GoToob Travel Bottles
With all of the restrictions in airports, it just makes sense now to have travel bottles that you can use anything in it!

While some may opt in for the super cute ones, I say go for the one that airplane pilots and flight attendants use for their travels. Sometimes, durability beats being cute!

I love to read a book while sitting at a cafe shop or even while in the air. The Kindle is great because I can have some many options with me when I’m traveling!

Travel Adapter and Converter
If you travel anywhere outside of the U.S., buy a transformer and a converter. This little gadget also comes with a surge protector, for let’s say, you camera batteries?!?

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
This was actually the book that made me feel comfortable traveling to Europe all by myself. Its funny how a book can change your perspective, am I right?


Personal Mini Humidifier
I stumbled across this little gadget and honestly, it looks fantastic! So many times I feel so dry when traveling to a new place. Having a personal humidifier on hand sounds so helpful!


For the Budding Artist

Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins
Something about curling up with a good book just always sounds great to me!

LEARN CALLIGRAPHY! Okay I picked this handy little hobby up at a recent creative conference and I honestly can’t tell you how peaceful it is!

Learn Modern Calligraphy Kit

I hope this helps with your holiday shopping this year!

This post contains affiliate links



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